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Corporate Video Production

How do people feel when you tell them your companies story? Start using Corporate Videos today.

Corporate videos are the right way for organizations communicate with employees, customers, potential customers and investors in order to grow and be successful. The use of a corporate video production makes sure the message is perfect and documented. Training is without flaw or misunderstanding, announcements are uniform to make sure every individual hears the same thing.

HI-DEF Video Productions is a Phoenix based corporate video production company committed to creating stories that elicit feelings. Whether it’s a shared concern and passion for a cause, excitement for your product or service, or celebration that a business like yours is a part of the local community, our clients tell those stories through creative, high-quality video.



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Effective corporate video training engages the human brain.  When we are learning , we normally remember only:

10% of what we read.

20% of what we hear.

30% of what we see.

But we remember 80% of what we see, hear & experience.

Using video to prepare and inform training is simply smart.

Corporations are all too often seen as faceless entities, and not as a combination of human beings sharing a mission that benefits the communities they serve. Video serves as an effective antidote to this misconception, affording your prospects the chance to

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see, hear, and experience the elements of your products or services. When given the opportunity viewers witness this passion you and your employees have for what your jobs, you begin to create the essential combination of LIKE, and TRUST. Prospective customers are given a sense of who you are and are much more eager to place trust within an organization that is willing to show and demonstrate, rather than one that depends solely on photos and other print to express themselves.

Think of your corporate video as a miniature documentary, educating and initiating a relationship with the viewer; entertaining them as they begin to learn why to choose you.