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WebSite Videos

Videographer PhoenixThe power of the internet has changed everything but do you have a website video online?  Website Videos take your website to a higher level, producing a professional product or service video to explain what you sell or do and why the viewer would want to use your organization as apposed to your competition. People are in a hurry and would much rather view and hear than read.

What does adding Video to your website do?
47% of consumers called professionally produced videos more reliable in helping them make a buying decision.
60% of consumers say they will take the time to watch a video on a website
40% of consumers visited a store either on line or in person as a result of watching a video on it.

Given the data on watching a website video from a consumers perspective, it is time to take action and ad more than just text and pictures to your website, it is time to ad video, An added feature of a website video is that it can also be seen on when people are searching for companies like your. It is so much easier to deliver information when it can be verbally explained and eye contact is added or behind the voice adding music that helps produce the emotion you are after.

Now that you have been found in a search for your product or service don’t only give a potential client the option to read, introduce your company with a website video or youtube video. As in this example sometimes they can just be fun and welcoming.
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